Credit reference agencies and data brokers holding billions of records on Britons are ignoring new privacy laws, campaigners claim.

Privacy International (PI) has filed complaints with the Information Commissioner’s Office and European regulators against seven companies. They include the credit firms Experian and Equifax and businesses involved in data broking and advertising technology.

PI said that unlike Facebook, the companies cited in its complaint rarely have their practices challenged because they are not household names. It accuses them of multiple violations of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) that came into force on May 25 and carries penalties of up to 4 per cent of global turnover.

Equifax was recently fined £500,000 under the previous rules for a data breach involving customers’ details. If it is found to be in breach of GDPR it could be fined more than £100 million.

PI alleges that breaches by Equifax and Experian include insufficient transparency about where they acquire data and with whom they share it.

Experian said it had not been provided with the specific allegations made by PI but said: “We have worked hard to ensure that we are compliant with GDPR and we continue to believe that our services meet its requirements.”

Equifax did not comment.


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Via The Times.